EIN enterprise is an innovative group that aims at helping you to achieve break-through business growth. Typical client organisations are ambitious and committed for growth. This is either based on their success and wishes to enter into new markets, or caused by the need to restore the profitability of their business. Clients are both private and public organisations. EIN is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and in Abu Dhabi / Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

EIN enterprise is specialized in strategy and business development and venturing. Strategy is addressed by a new Strategy Formulation Framework, which combines a highly structured approach with guided creativity and help with decision making between strategic options. The methodology results in a clear and balanced path towards the future.

Business development focuses on market development and investments where innovation and entrepreneurship are key. Depending on your need, EIN guides the investment process during the selection phase, the making of the deal and the implementation phase after the actual investment. EIN underlines the importance of corporate citizenship and sustainable investing.

EIN has extensive experience in the fields industrial manufacturing, real estate development, energy, environment, management consulting and telecom/media. The scope of the activities is global.

EIN values

  • Customer Needs are First
  • Respect and Understanding
  • Interaction and Collaboration
  • Partnerships with Mutual Values
  • Continuous Innovation