EIN has developed a new process and business approach for strategic management advisory, the Strategy Formulation Framework. The integration and implementation of this unique concept helps companies and governmental bodies to understand and to (re)consider where they are now, where to go and how.

The implementation of the professional EIN strategy concepts supports management and decision makers of companies to discover and analyse the daily complexity and insecurity of their external surroundings, and incorporate that in its business planning.

The EIN approach is applicable for:

  • The search of growth possibilities in the market place (national & international)
  • Finding structural solutions in situations of lacking profitability
  • The desire and need to become more sustainable and circular
  • Introducing carbon management, aiming for net-zero
  • Optimising and maximizing business potential
  • The research of strategic alliances and / or acquisitions.
  • Technology centred feasibility studies
  • The identification and qualification of investment possibilities
  • Starting up new ventures
  • Implementing innovations

Types of clients

  • Medium sized companies and business units of large companies and organizations
  • New ventures
  • (Semi) governmental institutions and non-profit organizations

Objectives of the methodology

  • Developing strategic scenarios in a national & international environment
  • Establish a clear and balanced future path that is based on external facts and circumstances on one side, and on internal power and competencies on the other side
  • Supporting and challenging management in making the right choices and drafting the corresponding implementation plan
    1. Vision, mission & values
    2. The external environment & the internal environment
    3. Strategic scenario’s / options / choice
    4. Strategic planning
    5. Planning activities / milestones / guidance

What makes the EIN team different?

  • A unique and proven strategic management concept
  • Highly qualified partners, associates and employees, embedded in a global network
  • The integration of high-level technical expertise
  • Its broad experience with both companies and governmental institutions
  • The relatively short timeframe of most projects
  • The optimal performance / cost balance
  • Its ultimate commitment